Still a home away from home


of Carthage undergraduate students commute to campus.

关于 30 percent of Carthage undergraduate students commute to campus, instead of living in the residence halls. While Carthage does have a four-year residency requirement, undergraduate students who live with their parents/legal guardians within 30 driving miles of Carthage may commute to campus. Being a commuter doesn’t mean you can’t get the full college experience.


Get involved in as much as you can on campus.

  • Attend Carthage Kick-Off Days at the start of every academic year.
  • Join clubs and organizations.
  • 参加校园活动.
  • 这座桥, keep up with the online calendar, and look for activities on 港口.
  • Stay on campus between classes.
  • Consider purchasing a Commuter Meal Plan so that you can join friends for breakfast, 午餐, 和/或晚餐.
  • Get familiar with important resources and spaces on campus, such as the Semler Fitness Center in the TARC, Hedberg图书馆, and the Campbell Student Union.



Commuter student permits allow parking in designated commuter lots. All commuting student vehicles must have a hangtag displayed on the rearview mirror facing frontwards. Commuter parking permits are not valid for overnight parking. (“Overnight parking” is defined as starting at the time when the residence halls close to visitors.)

All full-time commuter students (defined as enrolled for 12 credits or more in any given term) must purchase a permit. Commuter permits are available without charge to part-time students.

More information about campus parking policies can be found on the Office of Public 安全 website.

基诺沙市. 4 bus stops on campus regularly Monday-Saturday. 无. 4 bus makes stops at Glenwood Crossings (Pick ‘N’ Save, 沃尔格林, 麦当劳, and other stores/restaurants); Downtown 出赛; Meijer; and more. On campus, the bus stops near the main entrance of the David A. 小Straz. Center for the Natural and Social Sciences. 访问 the City of 出赛 website for specific route schedules

Before each semester starts, practice timing your driving or public transportation route to campus based on your class schedule. We recommend adding an extra 15 minutes for the first week of classes due to high volumes of traffic and occasional congestion on campus.

When traveling to and from campus, we encourage you to pay close attention to local weather forecasts and prepare for inclement weather. All students should keep their emergency contact information and preferred method of communication up to date to ensure receipt of emergency notifications of severe weather. 联系 information and preferences can be updated any time through 工作日.

Prepare for your commute by getting an oil change, 发动机的调整, and tire rotation before classes start to ensure your car is in working order. Look into roadside assistance options in case of flat tires and uncharged batteries. Always have an ice scraper, 额外雨刷液, and other vehicle essentials in the trunk in case of emergencies. Look into rewards programs at local gas stations to find ways to save money on commuting costs.


服务 for Commuter Students

通勤膳食计划 can be purchased as needed in blocks of 25 or 50 throughout the academic year. Commuter Meal Plan swipes can be used in The Caf. Commuter Meal Plan swipes expire at the end of the academic year. 小鸟雄鹿 can be added to commuter student ID anytime via the 得到应用. 小鸟雄鹿 are accepted at all dining locations on campus, including Starbucks.

通勤计划A 25 Meal Swipes for $250
通勤计划B 50 Meal Swipes for $450

All Carthage resources are available to commuting students. Click on the links below to learn more.